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Established on April 23rd, 2020, Maine Inner beauty believes beauty comes from an individual's passion, drive, and heart. We are actively seeking out different niches / Talents who are teachable, passionate, and willing to inspire others. If this seems like something you are interested in or passionate about, we would love to set up an interview! Join our diverse family today!



Have you ever wanted to build your online platform and connect with a bunch of people that are in the same niche/ talents as you but have no idea how or where to start? By Joining in Maine Inner Beauty, you will gain confidence, improve your skills, and enhance your talent. We provide a team of talented staff to connect you with people who can help build your platform on Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, facebook and more. As a business or creator, we support and guide you through these steps to connect with cliental and collaborations.Our agency will teach you all you need to know about networking, gaining followers and engagement. In addition to connecting our clients to opportunities, like getting published, Jobs and collaborations.



​CONTENT CREATION: Photo & Film full in house production Team. Each project is custom designed to fulfill your needs, providing the best in service and resources.


​INFLUENCER MARKETING Brand awareness implementation through "Soft, yet effective" advertising. Step into the future of Targeted marketing with our ever increasing number of influencers.


SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING ​Planning, implementing and monitoring experts. Customized Social Media strategy, to increase brand awareness, improve Marketing efforts and boost sales. ​


ONLINE BRANDING Business E-mage, Web and E- commerce design. Expand your online presence with a stunning website. Reliable, creative and fast.


TIK TOK EXPERTS We invite you to Become one of our ever growing followers on Tik Tok @Maineinnerbeauty & let us create one of a kind videos to Expand your presence in the app!

MIB past students


Help you get a image that  looks great for your niche


Our team will help promote your platforms to reach a good audience


Balance and control on your social platforms and the right schedule.


Build your social platforms by working with others, building a foundation and get your name out there.

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Maine Inner Beauty, Wow.. where do I even start. The CEO is very passionate about her work and she does everything she can to make sure we’re all feeling comfortable! Great photographers! Easy to work with and not pricey at all! Very pleased with everything i’ve gotten done with Maine Inner Beauty! I’m now a social media advisor for the company and we’re excited to be starting back up again!

Jaide Weatherford

This school is amazing I join last year in the summer time! It was a blast I learned so much, We went on so many different adventures. The CEO was super nice and she always made me feel welcome to be there even tho I’m a plus size model and I had body issues! I felt confident when she was at our photoshoots helping us learn how to pose and get out of our comfort zone! I recommend to all my friends and family to join!


My time at MIB has been nothing but positive, the students are great and the photographers are very friendly and talented. The CEO is a amazing teacher and support system, she try’s her best to teach things in a way everyone can understand and takes care of us all like her own children. Definitely recommend!

Cooper Collette

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