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kimberly pelkey
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"Keep a Good Cheer''- My Father would say to me after every ending call. 

My Story

Hello Im Kimberly Pelkey, founder and modeling coach for Maine Inner Beauty. This School idea came to me at a really rough time in my life. Covid was out broken, I was working as a house keeper at a hospital,

"right? cleaning toilets for a hospital, my dream job!"also a Fedex driver... Mother of 3 and pregnant. Year before in 2019 my papa (Norm Pacholski) passed away the day I got that job, he was so proud of me. The last hug I got from him before I was off to work. The pain of getting that phone call 3 hours after I hugged him goodbye... While this was happening, a post of covergirl competition was zooming through facebook, I saw the sign up! my best friend/coworker Michelle told me to go for it! I decided to sign up "why not! won't hurt to try." All I needed was votes! While I was building my modeling portfolio with photographers around Maine. "some was nice.... some was not so nice..." all that cost to be a well known model. " not famous, I only wanted my name to be remembered." To be a positive role model to others, pave a way to their dreams by showing them that even if you had a rough up bringing, thats ok my Father always told me Good bearing fruit ( meaning you) needs to go through storms to be molded into the person your meant to be.


There was a bunch of facebook groups with models and photographers to help start up my modeling career, "EASY!" I thought.... nope most of them wanted photos I wasn't comfortable doing, To expensive photoshoots with very little photos given. " You win some, you lose some.." I guess I can learn to be my own photographer, but all I had was a broken up iPhone 7... till I got the funding to get a better iPhone. While I was taking photos with my cellphone for "modeling photos" but really I was getting used to being back in-front of the camera after being depressed, a eating disorder and troubles in my engagement, which developed self worth issues. Working over nights from 5pm to 2am everyday, then coming home to a 2 year old, a 5 year old and 7 year old. lack of sleep, making time to come up with themes for photoshoots, so I can post them on my Insta but also on the Cover Girl Page for votes! I was in 3rd or 2nd place always as the group got smaller and smaller, as they eliminate people. It was only the three of us left...... time was counting down.... I was watching how my photo kept going back and forth from 1st to 3rd..... Was I going to win? what a big dream, after all this tragic in 2019... I closed my eyes, opened them "Kimberly Pelkey 2nd place Covergirl contest winner".... I was excited but also sad I didn't win of course everyone feels this ways. I didn't get no reward just recognition how I was not the "winner".


That was the start of the spark that lit inside me to keep pursuing this dream once again. Back to 2020 this was the year we lost my sister (Brookie Pacholski) my nephew (Ryan) and my son Jackson. But also it was the birth of beautiful friendships, memories and the idea of Maine Inner Beauty. After I lost my son Jackson there was another Facebook post of an audition for "Arts International Showcase". They was looking for all talent! I had to lie to my work place and said "I was sick" how the date of the open casting was on a busy work day! Friday, at a fancy hotel by the airport. I was nervous..... so many people, Hundreds showed up! I wanted to cry because I hate big crowds! Everyone had a number, Mine was 77. I sat down, looked around the room to see nice approachable faces. Till a girl sat down next to me with a warm smile, like a old friend who hasn't seen you in a while. She said I looked nervous, so she would break the ice. We had so much in common, Finally after I felt comfortable others join in to our conversations and I got more sociable! Soon the whole room was listening to what I had to say and listen to where I came from. Others joined in ,about their stories and how we all came from a rough up bringing but we all have a dream! to make it big! and to finally GET OUT OF MAINE!


Soon it was my turn, The Agents smiled at me... I smiled back. Gave them my Three best modeling photos I had printed the day before, they asked me to walk back to the X taped on the ground. "Walk for us"*Deep breath * proceed to walk on, did my pose, walked back. They was impressed ... I guess ... They asked me how long have I've been modeling for. The first ever "modeling event" was freshman year in a high school gym and I decided to build on from there, After all the bullying, the rough, abusive up bringing. I wanted to prove I can be a bigger model then just these popular girl contests. They looked me up and down, one lady said "I saw you networking out there with everyone who was waiting for a turn". "You brighten a room"! How your life events relate to so many, would you try acting? Acting??? Ah no I never thought I would be good in front of a camera and speak lines... I was nervous enough to even do bigger modeling then what I was doing before.


They gave me some lines and I read from them, a commercial. I was bubbly just how they wanted me to be! they laughed and clapped there hands. " YOUR GOING TO THE NEXT ROUND!" I got the email for the next round and where its located. In Portland ME in a fancier hotel! the place was hugeeeeeeee! There was so many still in this huge room! none I really got along with. I only saw three faces from the group I vibed with to get here. Of course I sat next to them, listened to what the agents had to say. It cost so much moneyyyyyyyy..... and a trip to Florida and they don't pay for that ether just to show case you to agencies. I didn't know better I wanted my career to take off! So I spent the money, I did get signed to a agency but it wasn't what I expected.... felt like a puppet on a string which put a toll on my family.


I ended up cutting my contract with that agency, because I was so depressed, so burnt out, my dream of being a model was over. I prayed that night, went to bed. Woke up to running down stairs telling my friend at the time my dream. "Maine Inner Beauty" A Magazine, a modeling school! sooner or later a academy for the arts! bring back dreams, growth and self confidence's in many. Still live my dream as a model! not just that! a teacher to help others who walked in similar shoes of mine. Things fell in to place, the staff, the models and the magazine. It was a great first year in a crisis of 2020, storms all around me but I kept focus on the bigger dream of MIB. How many people MIB has helped, connections was gained, friendships was born and a understanding of self worth.


2021 Galaxy Aurora was born: This was a year of faith, I found out I was pregnant with galaxy 3 months after I lost Jackson. Thats right I didn't know I was pregnant till the end 0f 2020. She was born 3 days before launch of MIB School of 2021. We had to change the date of the launch to June because Galaxy was born peakbreeched (naturally) no C section, the Obgyn only has done this one other time before. I was ship right to the OR Room just incase something happens. there was about 17 people in that one room watching the birth of my daughter how it was very rare to give birth like this and not tare or nothing. She was born! shipped right to the NICU on the ventilator. Covid was still a thing back then the fear of losing my daughter how Ive lived this pain before with Leo and Jackson I couldn't bare another loss. I stayed at the hospital prayed by her bedside while I work on Fixing MIBs calendar, start dates and photoshoots how everything was supposed to start in May but we had to push the date forward to June.


We finally got to bring Galaxy home after a month and We had a successful year of MIB 2021. 2022 I took a break and was signed on to two agencies back in 2021 end of MIB school year. I was signed internationally! it was a dream come true but they was both Full time contracts. I was burnt out... I couldn't Manage modeling and MIB so I shut her doors. I got super chronically depressed, I ended up not signing the second contracts they was offering me later on for reasons I can not speak of. By Nov 9th 2022 I said Goodbye to "Khaos Aphrodites Winchester". I woke up the next day converted myself to Jesus, Healed my inner child, teen and young adult. Grew a Relationship with God again. After a while so many old students reminded me of how MIB used to be. How that school helped them in tough times of their lives, to helping build their self confidence, others found out who they are.. and some even found love at MIB.


While working on Maine Inner Beauty, getting back in the game of things, It's been a uphill battle, From Finding people who see the vision and have the heart for it, Caring for others dreams instead of being in the spotlight! Maine Inner Beauty is the spotlight for others to be discovered. I had some ups and downs from losing friends and family, dealing with health issues, death, financial debt and mental health! But thanks to the Grace of God, He has Helped me get this far to my dreams, not also that but to help others dreams come true to!  


This is the new start for MIB, We are not starting from scratch, we are starting with experience. I Hope You read this with understanding of why Maine Inner Beauty is so important to my story but also to many others . That you can come from nothing and be something. I didn't live such a great life but I always looked at the bright side of things, in a storms! beautiful rainbows are made and some plants need lots of rain to help it grow, your inner beauty is what counts in the end. As we start the year with hope to make our dreams come true, Don't forget where you came from, remember the friends you make along the way! KEEP GOING YOU GOT THIS!!


Good luck to the up coming students! Staff and others that Maine Inner Beauty impact!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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